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Why blueberries and “take care of the blueberries”?
Blueberries, a nutritious and flavourful deep blue fruit, hold great significance in contributing to overall human health. Historically these little gems were seen as an act of communion with the divine, providing insight, clarity, and a deeper connection to one's inner self. They can be seen as a reminder of taking care of your talents or seeds of new growing.

About Me

I facilitate transformation processes, and help leaders and organizations to blossom and grow, both individually, in groups and in training programs. 

I began my career as an officer in the reserve of the Swedish Army in 1998. After five years, including a mission in Bosnia, I continued with what was then my passion: skydiving. I was a member of the Swedish female military team (winning a silver medal in the world championships in 2004), obtained a privat pilot license and worked in a flying circus, doing wing walking. At the age of 22 I started my own company to facilitate groups reaching their goals. 

After studies in Psychosynthesis, Sport psychology and Systemic Thinking I began working with organisational and personal development. Complexity theory crossed my path working for Attractor in Denmark 2010 and has been a core part of my practice since then.

I have  been part of various consulting organisations: Influence, Attractor / Ramböll Management, Gällöfsta Perlan and Midroc Business School. 

And I have been working intensively in universities: Program Director at the Stockholm School of Economics Executive Education (full time 4 years), at the Police Academy (negotiation training) and teaching group dynamics at the Stockholm University Psychologist Education. After two years of studies at Bosön Sport Academy I gave classes to the Swedish Hockey Federation and worked as a mental coach for sport athletes.

Examples of recent programs I created and directed at the Stockholm School of Economics are Sweco Vektor 2.0, the Leadership program for Swedish Performing Arts Association, the Swedish groups of Bishops, and the open course for Leaders

In addition to this I contributed to two United Nations related programs together with Swedish Armed Forces and Folke Bernadotte Academy (UNMIMOC and UNCISOC). 

What took most of my attention recently was the creation and direction of RE[FRAME]. This program explored a novel way of supporting top executives in their growth and in envisioning a direction in new meaningful way. 

Occasionally I also give speeches, such as at the CMB-Chalmers Leadership day 2023, where I talked about "Leaders as creator of meaning". 

Recently I have supported a Cultural Evolution Program in Greece and designed four different international programs which began their voyage in the end of 2023.